A Grand Day Out

After a very busy eighteen months helping BP to communicate their London 2012 Partnership, the Jacaranda team was treated to a grand day out at the Olympics.

We went along with other BP creative partners such as Ogilvy, KBW, Tillings and the wonderful photographer, George Logan. It felt like a jolly reunion, as many of us had met on the set of the recent BP TV commercial, for which we had produced the behind-the-scenes film.

The day started with breakfast in the Helios Lounge at the Royal Opera House, and a tour of the ‘Olympic Journey’ exhibition,which tells the Olympic story through the endeavours of ancient and modern Olympians. We produced the 90 second film promoting the exhibition, which is currently showing on the BP Summer Big Screens throughout the UK.

Fuelled by a delicious breakfast, we were guided school-crocodile-style to the tube and so on to Stratford and the Olympic Park. Surprisingly, the tube journey was quick and easy, with plenty of willing helpers to point out the way. This was almost certainly directly due to the 47 video modules we produced back in February to help the MET Police manage the safety of the Games….

The Olympic Park was so impressive, and our clients had even arranged for the sun to shine all day. We were treated to fabulous hospitality in the BP Lounge  -and a riveting display of skill and astounding courage during the BMX quarter finals.

Of course, we couldn’t leave the Park without a visit to the impressively shiny BP Showcase and a spectacular 360 degree visual presentation covering BP’s operations worldwide. Our team had travelled to Angola and Azerbaijan to film BP’s international athlete ambassadors for inclusion in the Showcase presentation, a film featuring BP’s international athletes and a Legacy documentary of the BP Olympic partnership.

The day was rounded off in the BP Lounge with a welcome cool drink at the end of a long, hot, exciting day –  plus a glimpse of the lovely Lizzie Armitstead who has been a joy to work with over the past year and a half, as has the delightful Jessica Ennis and all the other BP athlete ambassadors both in the UK and abroad. We salute their incredible talent, discipline and achievements. It’s been a privilege to document some of their hopes and fears along the way..

One of our clients said of our grand day out: “I’m glad you had a good time. You have been such a big part of our team, so it was nice to take a moment and celebrate. Thank you for everything you have done for us.”

Indeed it was great to take a moment to celebrate everybody’s achievements. Thank you BP.


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